Women’s Blue Satin Waist Cincher body Shaper Corset PL79S


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Women’s 100% Blue Satin Waist Cincher body Shaper Corset PL79S

Available in Made to Measure (Posh Corset)

Blue Satin Underbust Corset design by Posh-corset , has extreme curves to give perfect hourglass shape.
This corset is boned with spiral bone, distributed evenly.
Back lacing bones are finished with flat steel boned to give perfect support.
Our corsets are made with 100% satin fabric- breathable natural fibre.

Choose the amazing Waist Shaper Corset in 100% Satin for the amazing shape of your waist and you will not have a chance to complain.
With the use of this, not only will you look slimmer but you will also have a comfortable shape as well.
Try it out right now.

Best for Height : 5′.4″ to 5′.8″
Bone Casing : All bones are placed under satin bone casing
Boning : 20 Spiral Steel Bones & 4 Flat Steel Bones
Fabrics : Shell Fabric-Satin
Lacing : 5.6 Mtr long back lacing
Modesty Panel : 6 inches wide
Opening : Metal busk front opening
Pattern Name : PL79S
Suspender Loops : 6

Additional information

Corset Size

3XS(For Body Waist 22")
2XS(For Body Waist 24")
XS(For Body Waist 26")
S(For Body Waist 28")
M(For Body Waist 30")
L(For Body Waist 32")
XL(For Body Waist 34")
2XL(For Body Waist 36")
3XL(For Body Waist 38")
4XL(For Body Waist 40")
5XL(For Body Waist 42")
6XL(For Body Waist 44")
7XL(For Body Waist 46")

Corset Color



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